Monday, March 18, 2013

Collections: Mugs - Intro

Oh dear! Mugs are a weakness of mine. I have too many to count. Some are out being used but most are stored in the attic or in my hope chest. I know one thing, when I start my own house, we won't have a shortage of mugs!

Tea cups are lovely, too. I don't have as many tea cups as I do mugs. They are perfect for things that mugs cannot do like for use at a tea party or for that day when you are in the mood for a small cup of hot drink. They are even good for desserts like puddings and trifles. 

There is just something about a mug. When you put hot coffee or tea in it, it says comfort.

Mugs are there to help your friendships grow over a cup of coffee.

Mugs are companions when reading a book.

Mugs can warm your hands and your insides on a cold winter day.

They can tell stories of where you have been or remind you of the person who gave you a particular mug. I feel that mugs are friends. 


Barbara F. said...

Yes, and they reflect the personality of the owner, too! I love both mugs and tea cups. I am enjoying my morning coffee and getting ready to start cleaning my floors, in a pretty green mug from Vee! I won a surprise giveaway during the summer. xo

Frances said...

I agree with all you have said, Kati. I love mugs, too. I was just looking through a storage cabinet a few days ago and had to sigh at all the "used" mugs that are sitting on the shelves, loved for a long while but then retired so that something new could be enjoyed. Poor little mugs, tucked away on those shelves. Sometimes I think I should send them to the Good Will, but I just can't part with them. Mugs are also nice for holding flowers, either real ones like little daisies, or small arrangements of silk ones. You can give one to someone as a gift and fill it with candy or other treasure. You can put one on your desk to hold pens and pencils. Oh, the places your imagination can go when you are thinking of mugs!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Katy, I totally agree with you - though I seldom use or own many mugs.

If you read my blog you know I am an avid collector (and blog poster) of All Things Tea - and have many.

I am so glad you visited me today, thank you. Take care and have a wonderful and blessed week!!