Thursday, March 21, 2013

Collections: Mugs - What Goes in the Mugs

So what do I like to put in all these mugs?

With coffee I add a little bit of cream.
For our everyday coffee we use Great Value Colombian roast,
and for an occasional cup we'll make Peet's French roast.

I take about 1 teaspoon of sugar in my tea. (Though occasionally I'll be bad and put in 2 teaspoons.) Here is a post I did about a year ago of my top three favorites. The top two are still the same, but I think my third choice has changed.

1. Constant Comment by Bigelow
2. Cinnamon Plum by Republic of Tea
3. Ginger Peach by Republic of Tea
Bonus: Lemon Zinger by Celestial Seasonings

What do you put in your mugs?

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Vee said...

I've enjoyed looking at your collection of mugs. I really love the one you use as a pencil and pen caddy. For holding, I think I'd have to go with the calico bird mug or a shape like that...always trying to warm my hands so I wrap them all that would be a fascinating do the folks you know hold their mugs? LOL!

Barbara F. said...

I love Constant Comment tea. I also like good old Lipton sometimes. Also any tea I buy loose at my favorite tea room. But in the morning, I must have my coffee! I like Folger's or Maxwell House, I buy a large cannister at Costco, lasts me a while. I also like Trader Joe's coffee once in a while. xo

Anonymous said...

Twinings loose Earl Grey tea is my favorite drink. I make a pot in the morning and enjoy it all day long!
Martha Ellen