Friday, October 10, 2014

It's a Wrap! Day 10

Balloon Attached with Washi Tape

My nephew Ben's birthday is today. He's six. Happy birthday, Benny!

For his siblings' party this past summer, Ben had a great time blowing up and playing with balloons so for his birthday package I knew I wanted to include a balloon.

On the wrapped gift, I attached a balloon with a strip of washi tape. It couldn't have been easier and looks so fun and celebratory!

~ ~ ~


Cheryl said...

So simple...and so cute! Benny will love it!! :D

Lorrie said...

I just came over from your mom's blog - what a great 31 day idea. And it's made even better by dividing your month into themes per week. The washi tape is so much fun, and I really like the name banner idea on the personalization week.