Friday, October 3, 2014

It's a Wrap! Day 3

Sheet Music

This wrapping idea is great for all types of people. You can print off a copy of a hymn, classical piece, the receivers favorite song, a children's song, Christmas carol, the happy birthday song, etc.

For this gift, I used a hymn that the receiver of the gift loves. I traced a circle that was the right size onto the paper with a pencil. I then took craft scissors and cut around the circle. Go over the edges with an eraser to remove any pencil marks left on the circle.

Attach to the gift using tape or glue. Tie a ribbon around and secure with a basic knot. 

~ ~ ~


Empty nester at last said...

Have lots of old sheet music. My mom was pianist and when she passed I couldn't get anyone to take her sheet music...60 years worth...some I have burned because of the condition but I still have some sitting around....just might look and see if there is Chrismtas music......

Kathy said...

This is cute. You could also photocopy someone's favorite poem and do the same thing.