Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's a Wrap! Day 2

Lettered Pennant Banner

This project can easily be done with an old book page, scrapbook paper, or plain white paper with hand-drawn designs. 

What you need:
book page
glue stick
sharpie marker

Cut long strips out of your book page. There's no exact width and length. You want it long enough to fold over in half and wide enough to write a letter on. Fold in half, and cut tails in each strip if desired. Write a letter on each pennant with a sharpie marker. The letters can be as fancy or plain as you want.

Cut your string to the length you want and tie on. I wrapped my string around the gift a few times then taped the ends to the back of the gift. Loop each pennant over the string and glue together. 

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Barbara F. said...

This is adorable! Possibility with words is emdless!

Kristin said...

Love this! Our library has a shelf of books that are free for the taking so I always access to book pages.

Kendra, The Sugar Box Lady said...

On the 30th, I thought, "I hope someone does 31 Days of Wrapping Ideas" because I could really get into that. Umm, YOU FOR THE WIN.

Can't wait to see more. Love the letter banner idea. So simple and awesome.

LLMom said...

What a great idea. I have an old book I cut up for another project with some papers still left over. Now I know what to do with it.

Kathy said...

This is a cute idea. Although as a librarian I hate the idea of cutting up a book. I think I would do it with scrap book paper.

Empty nester at last said...

Very nice!!! I have some old books around here that are falling apart.....

Moi said...

I really love this one! Might be my favorite