Tuesday, October 29, 2013

{31 Days of Pinterest Completed} Cell Phone Charging Pocket



This idea was so cute! It's so compact and easy to stick in a drawer when it's not being used. When a friend of ours gave a couple of boxes of fabric to my sister, who in turn gave them to me to look through, I found the perfect fabric to use for this project. It is a hydrangea print and just big enough to use for the charging pocket.

When I went to pin to look for the directions, I found that the directions were a file which was in German. After a Google search to find directions that were similar but in English. I found ~these~ directions which I used with a few adaptions such as not using a thick stabilizer (just some cotton batting). I am happy with my end result. And my phone fits in there nicely. 

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I'm also linking up to Schneider Peeps' Handmade Christmas.


Book Dragon said...

Love this! We don't have a good spot this it at home but sure could use it on vacation!

Joanne Mitchell said...

So much better than having the cord hanging out! (I have a "thing" about exposed cords.)

Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

this is toooo cute! I want to try this one too!!!

much love,

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Vee said...

That is cute!