Tuesday, October 22, 2013

{31 Days of Pinterest Completed} DIY Blush



I am a thrifty person. So when I saw this idea for DIY blush I decided to give it a try. It only uses baby powder, water, and red food coloring. To make a medium pink color, the directions said to use 3-4 drops of food coloring. I found I needed to use a lot more than that to get the color I usually use. It was hard to get the right consistency but I got it eventually. The first time I tried it, the color it turned out to be when dry was way too light so I tried again and got a better color.

The homemade blush didn't go on as well as store-bought blush. It was also messy since it was more powdery. My thought is that I would rather spend a little more money and get blush that is easier to work with. 

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Unknown said...

I'm with you on that, Kati. Sometimes the thrifty choice isn't worth the savings.

Vee said...

This is what I often find...it's worth the money. Interesting recipe, though!

Barbara F. said...

It was worth trying it out, and now you won't feel bad spending money on the store bought kind. xo

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Hmm... how interesting! I wonder if it would work better with different powders (like, say, cornstarch, or something)... Cool experiment anyway!

Kristin said...

I made my own blush awhile ago and had the same experience. First it was too light and then when I adjusted the color, it did not apply well. I didn't keep it either, but it was a fun experiment. I also found a recipe for homemade lip gloss around the same time using Vaseline. It was also a weird color and messy.